About The Brand


Influential, Innovative and progressive. Fluxfabrics was made with the modern man in mind. Bringing a practical yet modern approach to fashion As modern day gentleman we've tried many different brands and we just never seem to get the perfect fit. With Fluxfabrics our brand was made by men for men, Giving you all the modern day essentials for you to carry out the day with swagger &confidence that's unmatched. Eccentric, Contemporary and charismatic.

   -Fluxfabric products represent the pinnacle of master craftsmanship and durability that's unsurpassed for our quality and attention to detail.


Flux is a global luxury group that draws inspiration from the finest of artwork all over the world combined with practically and a clean modern look that elevates every mans confidence as soon as he puts on our apparel. Comfortable Yet Sophisticated and best of all...…Reliable.